More Vehicles With Faulty Rear-View Cameras Recalled

Rear-view cameras have been mandatory in all new light-duty (4,536 kg or lighter) vehicles in Canada for a bit more than five years now. And just like any other technology, they’re bound to fail or malfunction at some point.

Sometimes it’s the camera itself, while other times the centre display or anything that comes in between is to blame. Recalls are often the solution.

That’s exactly what’s happening with Jeep and Ford this week. The former is recalling the 2022-2023 Grand Cherokee, 2021-2023 Grand Cherokee L, as well as the 2022-2024 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer due to a rear-view camera issue.

Photo: Germain Goyer

In certain units, software in the central vision processing/park assist module (CVPAM) might prevent the camera image from reaching the infotainment screen. Consequently, the driver wouldn’t see what’s going on behind the vehicle by looking at the display.

A total of more than 164,000 Jeeps are said to have this condition in the U.S. and need to be recalled. The number of units in Canada is not specified yet. The company says it will begin notifying owners in early fall about visiting their dealers to have new CVPAM software installed.

Over at Ford, the freshly upgraded 2023 Super Duty pickup is affected, more specifically F-250, F-350 and F-450 models equipped with the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist feature. Slightly more than 2,000 units in Canada have a potentially faulty rear-view camera.

Photo: Antoine Joubert

Under certain conditions, a software problem could cause the wrong rear-view camera image to display while reversing. As a result, the hitch or trailer view image may display instead of the default rear-view image.

Ford will notify owners by mail in the coming weeks and advise them to take their truck to a dealership to update the advanced drive assistance system module software.

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