Stellantis Aims to Make Charging an EV as Simple as e-ABC

Stellantis, which owns over a dozen car brands globally including Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Alfa Romeo, today announced the launch of Free2move Charge, a 360-degree ecosystem that will deliver charging and energy management solutions starting in North America and Europe.

Operated by a newly established business unit within Stellantis, Free2move Charge will address EV customer needs at home, in their business and on-the-go.

The main goal is to “make it easy to Always Be Charged,” or what the automaker calls its e-ABC Promise). Working with dedicated representatives at dealerships, customers will be able to create a personalized package they can change and adapt at any time during the ownership experience.

Free2move Charge Home will deliver private customers support with installation, financing, and warranty of home charging and other energy hardware and services. Options can range from AC charging cables and wall boxes today to Vehicle-2-Home, Vehicle-2-Grid, and complete energy management systems with cutting-edge features like touch-free wireless solutions and inductive robot charging under development for future releases, Stellantis explained.

Photo: Stellantis

Meanwhile, Free2move Charge GO will provide access to the largest possible network of public charging points through partners across North America. In addition to access, payment and 24-7 support, Free2move Charge GO will progressively launch features like Plug and Charge, reservations, loyalty programs, subscriptions, prepaid packages, single invoice/billing and even deliver a charge to a requested location when needed.

By the way, will future EVs from the group integrate the NACS charge port like those of Ford, GM and Rivian to connect to Tesla’s Superchargers without the need for an adapter? The folks at Stellantis told us they’re still considering the possibility, and a decision could be announced pretty soon.

Finally, Free2move Charge will harness the power of the Stellantis Energy Cloud, integrating with vehicle-branded mobile apps and the STLA SmartCockpit platform launching in 2024 to deliver fast, intelligent routes and charging recommendations to customers based on their actual usage and needs.

Canadian customers can go to to learn more.

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