2023 Targa Newfoundland to Feature EV vs. ICE Challenge

In a first-of-its-kind event, Targa Newfoundland is setting the stage for a head-to-head competition of electric power vs. internal combustion engine. The challenge will occur as part of the “Race the Rock” event scheduled for September 14-22., 2023.

“Due to their overwhelming popularity, many leading auto manufacturers are producing various models of electric vehicles, and much is claimed about their performance. The time has come to test these claims, and Targa Newfoundland has the proving ground where we will, for the first time, offer a head-to-head test under fully competitive conditions for the manufacturers to put their vehicles to the test—not just against each other, but against their internal combustion rivals,” the organizers say on the event’s Facebook page.

The 2023 course will travel through Newfoundland's eastern and central parts, challenging competitors to over 1,900 km. With more than 500 km of closed road stages and upwards of 1,400 km of transits, these two distances, running for six consecutive days, will be a critical test for all, be they factory teams or private entries.

Photo: Targa Newfoundland

Most of the event will test each vehicle's durability, performance and efficiency, as it will require teams to travel through high-speed sections, closed roads, challenging stages, and long and short transits, all of which are conducted under the regular day-to-day rules and regulations.

As the course travels primarily throughout rural Newfoundland, permanent charging stations will be limited. Therefore, teams will be allowed to use portable charging stations as long as they are pre-approved by the organizers.

For more information, check out Targa Newfoundland’s website.

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