Petro-Canada EV Charging Fee Nearly Doubles Across the Country

Petro-Canada has issued a rate increase last week for EV owners who want to use the company’s Electric Highway. Petro-Canada had previously instated different rates for each province, with rates as low as $0.20 per minute in Quebec, to as high as $0.33 per minute in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. In British Columbia, the rate was $0.27 per minute until October 31st.

Petro-Canada has since then adopted a different approach, proposing a flat standard EV charging fee for all of Canada at $0.50 per minute.

“When you join us along Canada’s Electric Highway, pay $0.50 per minute while you charge, with no connection or idling fees,” the company mentions on its website.

This is quite the increase, especially for Quebec, where fees literally jumped 150%.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, who reached out to Petro-Canada’s parent company Suncor, the price increase was done to help expand and improve their network. The company also released the following statement.

“We’re always working to improve the charging experience for our Petro-Canada EV charger customers. The price change, which took effect on November 1, will help to cover the costs of operation and expansion of the network. It will also improve our ability to make our chargers more reliable and continue to offer improved features.”

At the end of October, Petro-Canada had published an open letter through an editorial partner discussing how unreliable their EV charging network had been and how it was planning on fixing it.

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