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5 Things to Look for in a Used Car Ad

Finding the right vehicle that will suit your needs and budget often comes with hours of research on the internet. You can look through various classified ads sites, but also dealer inventories that can be found online.

But you shouldn't only look at the model year, price and mileage. Here are five other elements to consider when browsing used car ads.

1. Pictures

Official sites like feature a great number of pictures showing all aspects of each pre-owned vehicle for sale. Take advantage of them! They allow you to “visit” the vehicle, see its condition, make sure the model matches the description, and get a closer look at its equipment and accessories.

2. Equipment List

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the equipment list is also very important to determine if the vehicle has everything you need. It contains technical information regarding the engine, transmission, wheels, etc., and about the options and features for that particular trim. If you have certain items on your wish list, like heated seats, a power liftgate, driver assistance systems (blind-spot monitoring for example), or any other thing that’s hard to see on the pictures, this list will answer your questions.

3. Warranty Information

Another important detail that can impact your decision is the original manufacturer warranty. Is the vehicle still covered ? For how long or how many kilometres? You can probably find that information in the description. And what kind of warranty does the dealer offer? There can be differences from one place to another.

4. Dealership Benefits

Speaking of dealers, almost all of them will boast about the benefits they offer to lure you in—convenient opening hours, fast delivery, 2nd or 3rd chance credit, exchange policy, etc. Depending on your situation and needs, you should prioritise the dealers who can help you best.

5. Available Tools

Lastly, most pre-owned vehicle listing sites offer tools to help their potential buyers make a good decision and to make the transaction easier. On, for example, you can find a form to contact the dealer directly, an appraisal tool to evaluate your trade-in vehicle’s value, a Carfax report request form, and a payment calculator. Need a second advice? There’s even a model evaluation done by The Car Guide’s experts.

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