More Than 54,000 Tickets Issued by Toronto Speeding Cameras in April-May

Printers have been going off steadily at the City of Toronto as they have spat out 54,204 tickets in the months of April and May that have been sent to drivers who have violated one or many traffic laws.  

The 50 Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices spread across the city at key locations during the month of April issued 34,152 tickets. The device on Mill Road north of Burnhamthorpe Road (Etobicoke Centre) was the “employee of the month,” issuing 5,545 tickets, which represents approximately 16 per cent of all tickets that month.

According to city officials, there were a total of 2,626 repeat offenders. But the most loyal offender has received 14 tickets for speeding on Mill Road north of Burnhamthorpe Road…

Devices were positioned at different locations in May, namely in more arterial roads where they collectively issued 20,052 tickets.

The device on Parkside Drive south of Algonquin Avenue (Parkdale-High Park) has issued the most tickets at 2,845. That month 1,150 drivers were considered as repeat offenders. The one with the most tickets has received 11 of them for seeping on Redgrave Drive west of Martin Grove Road.

One driver was caught at 146 km/h in a 50 km/h speed limit zone on Martin Grove Road north of Garfella Drive (Etobicoke North), this was the highest speed recorded during the April-May period.

All ASE devices are now in service at different locations with signs posted to warn drivers in advance. They are installed near schools in Community Safety Zones which are selected based on data that indicate high risks of speed and collision.

“The City of Toronto continues to deploy its full arsenal of Vision Zero measures, including speed cameras, to combat speeding and other dangerous and illegal driving behaviours. With more than 54,000 automated speed enforcement tickets issued in April and May, we are sending a clear message that speeding will not be tolerated in our city. Whether or not there is a speed camera or police officer doing traffic enforcement, I urge every driver in the city to follow the law – obey the posted speed limit and all rules of the road,” says City of Toronto Mayor, John Tory.

The City also keeps an interactive map of all ASE locations HERE.

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