5 Advantages of Buying OEM Parts

Maintaining your vehicle, whether it’s used or brand-new, is an important thing to do. But in these times of inflation and high fuel prices, many owners are tempted to take shortcuts and skip a few visits to the garage. Others decide to buy cheaper replacement parts, hoping they will last more than a year or two.

The type of part and the price can impact one’s decision, as does the age of the vehicle. For example, if it’s new or with less than five years of age, the best option would be to get an OEM replacement part.

Still not convinced? Here are five advantages of buying original parts.

1. Quality

OEM parts have the exact same technical specifications as the ones originally installed in your car, and are designed to fit perfectly. They comply with the manufacturer’s production standards, so their quality is similar to the parts used when the vehicle was first assembled.

2. Compatibility

Because of how they were designed, they will not cause any compatibility issues. Their installation is easy, and the vehicle will operate the same way it did before. Conversely, generic parts can require modifications or adjustments to fit, which can cause other problems in the long-term.

3. Reliability

Many replacement parts pretend to be reliable, but they are still not made according to the automaker’s requirements in terms of design and materials. Sometimes, just a small part of inferior quality can impact a whole system. The specifications of aftermarket parts are often less precise because their thickness and basic specs are altered for budget purposes. Original parts, on the other hand, will not only wear more slowly, they will also promote better long-term reliability.

4. Performance

By choosing OEM parts, you also choose to maintain your vehicle’s good operation and safety. Their higher quality is a way to avoid causing damage to the vehicle and its performance. This is especially true for sports models and work vehicles.

5. Long-Term Cost

Generic parts can lead to additional costs by breaking and causing wear to other parts. That’s why investing in OEM parts that will fit better and last longer will save you money in the long run. They will require less frequent repairs and replacements, and will help extend your vehicle’s life.

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