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5 Good Resolutions For Your Vehicle in 2022

Everyone wishes each other happiness and good health when the new year begins. But what about good health for your vehicle!

Did you set one or more resolutions for the New Year? That's great. Now here are five more for your car.

1. Make Sure You Can See... And be Seen

Photo: Pexels

During winter, too many people forget to clear and de-ice their vehicle before heading out on the road. Others never think to inspect their windshield wipers and delay replacing them when necessary. In all cases, visibility and safety can be seriously compromised.

Headlights are just as important. If your vehicle is not equipped with an automatic system, please don't forget to turn them on when it's dark or foggy. Does the lighting seem dim? Check the lenses and have them cleaned if necessary.

2. Clean Up Your Car

Whether you're working from home or not, you still spend a lot of time on the road. You and your passengers deserve a clean and tidy vehicle. Regularly clean up the cabin - pick up loose or unwanted items, clean up stains, remove dust, rocks, crumbs and other dirt, and be sure to eliminate any unpleasant odors (pets, smoke, food, etc.).

In times of COVID-19, also remember to disinfect surfaces more often than not...and don't leave your mask hanging from the rearview mirror!

3. Check Your Brakes

Photo: pixabay

Keeping up with the manufacturer's recommended service intervals is the duty of every vehicle owner. Everyone seems to understand the importance of oil changes, but that's not the case with brake maintenance. Yet it is the most critical safety feature. An annual inspection is a must and will keep them healthy and performing well for the long term.

You don't have to make an extra visit to the garage. Combine this service with one of your regular car maintenance services.

4. Pay Attention to Warnings

Photo: Chris Isherwood

Modern vehicles are practically computers on wheels. Filled with electronic components, they sometimes send messages, alerts or warnings that you need to pay attention to. They can be related to safety and driver assistance systems, engine operation, the multimedia system or something else.

If something suddenly goes off, you need to know about it and act accordingly. And if the infamous "Check Engine" light comes on, don't ignore it!

5. Ignore Distractions

Photo: Pexels

Staying focused on the road and your vehicle is arguably the most important task for all motorists. Make an effort in 2022 to remember this. Distracted driving accidents are still too common. Avoid eating, putting on makeup, looking left and right, staring at the centre screen and using your cell phone while driving.

Stay safe out there!

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