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Protecting Your Vehicle From Electronic Car Theft

Electronic vehicle theft is on the rise. Carjackers are taking advantage of the fact that more and more models are equipped with electronic key fobs.

From outside your home, they simply use a wave scanner to detect the signal from the key, then create a copy in seconds. In other cases, they can break into your car and plug a device directly into the universal OBD (on-board diagnostics), gaining access to the on-board computer to snatch the code to make the key.

However, there are solutions to outsmart these carjackers. One of them is an OBD protector, like the one made by Sherlock. This is an extremely strong metal protective cap that prevents access to the OBD socket. Locked with a unique key, it cannot be removed without damaging the plug and wiring harness.

Photo: Sherlock

No OBD access means no electronic bypassing of the vehicle by the thief, who then has no choice but to walk away.

Both the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) advise vehicle owners to carry an ODB protector, especially on models that are popular with thieves, such as certain SUVs and pickup trucks, like the Honda CR-V. Sherlock's device is also recommended by the Automobile Protection Association (APA).

This device is only available through the dealership, but it is not currently compatible with General Motors vehicles.

One last tip: keep your car key inside a small metal box when you are at home to prevent anyone from intercepting the key signal.

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