Edmonton Lowers Speed Limit to 40km/h in Residential Areas

Edmonton drivers will have to go easy on the accelerator pedal starting August 6th. On this date, the new 40 km/h speed limit will be instated in the city’s residential and downtown streets, including parts of Whyte Avenue and Jasper Avenue. According to the city of Edmonton, the new limit will not impact most major roads around the city, nor will it have major impact on driving times.

Safe Mobility Strategy 2021-2025

This action is part of the Safe Mobility Strategy initiative adopted by the city in 2015. It aims to achieve Vision Zero, which would translate to zero traffic-related serious injuries and fatalities by 2032 in the city of Edmonton. This safer streets initiative has had somewhat of a success until now, traffic-related fatalities have decreased by 63 per cent, while serious injuries have decreased by 40 per cent.

Warnings rather than tickets will be distributed for the first few weeks on automated enforcement locations until September 1st, giving drivers a grace period until the back-to-school rush kicks in. At that time, penalties against those who drive past this new default speed limit will be enforced in full.  

The city also published an interactive map where Edmontonians may lookup exactly which roads will have the new 40 km/h speed limit.

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