CBC: 400,000 road tests cancelled in Ontario since start of pandemic

Soon-to-be drivers are anxiously waiting for the privilege to take the wheel by themselves in Ontario. A report from the CBC stipulates that the backlog to conduct G2 road tests is so bad, that it might not be cleared until 2022.

Driving schools have been closed as the province has cancelled all in-vehicle passenger tests since April 3 to non-commercial drivers and examiners have been at a standstill since. The CBC found that more than half of those cancellations happened in the Greater Toronto Area alone. But regardless of the location, this situation is making things difficult for students and youngsters who need to attend job interviews, or even just show up to work.

Yes, student drivers can still get their learner's permits, but they can't drive by themselves until passing a G2 road test. In a previous article, we outlined that drive test centres and driving schools should technically and fully open their doors June 14 under Step 1 of Ontario's roadmap for reopening, but clearing the backlog will take much more time.

More Examiners to Clear Backlog

In January, the MTO announced it was hiring 84 new drive-test examiners to help clear the backlog, but according to the CBC, only 35 examiners have been hired to this date.

“We understand the frustration this has caused and we continue to ask for the public’s patience as we work through this,” the MTO said in a January statement. “Due to the uncertainty of the current situation and the high demand for road test appointments, DriveTest is unable to prioritize customers with cancelled appointments.”

Most drive test centres in the Greater Toronto Area are booking G2 road test appointments as far as November 2021.

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