Watch: Train Carrying Brand New Cars Gets Decapitated by a Bridge

You know when people say “It’s make-or-break time?” Well, the operator of a train carrying a number of brand new vehicles painfully experienced such a moment recently.

It all took place in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday. For some unknown reason, a train wound up on a track going under a bridge with not enough clearance to allow safe, uninterrupted traffic.

As it turned out, the bridge got the last laugh, completely decapitating several wagons—identified to Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific Railway—before the train came to a full stop.

It’s somewhat fascinating to see all that sheetmetal get sandwiched and folded like an accordeon, as if it were just paper.

We don’t know whether the accident resulted from a system failure, bad communication or operator inattention, but the damage is estimated at over $2 million according to the YouTube channel that posted the video.

Repairing the beheaded wagons probably shouldn’t be too complicated. However, the vehicles that were contained inside—there seems to be a few Ford Explorers—are in rough shape. In fact, some are a total loss.

We can’t help but sympathize with the hard-working men and women who built them in these times of COVID-19.

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