Ford will Build Electric Cars Alongside the Mustang

Ford has just announced its plan to invest over $850 million in its Flat Rock, Michigan assembly plant, where the Mustang and the Lincoln Continental are built, to develop an all-new modular platform dedicated to electric vehicles.

Such an investment would allow Ford to reach its target of integrating 40 electrified vehicles within its lineup by 2022.

For the Next Mustang

Ford says this new platform would underpin the next-generation Mustang, which will include some form of electrification. Ford has already confirmed that plug-in hybrid versions of the Mustang and the Ford F-150 are in the works, as well as an all-electric SUV called the Mach 1.

It’s still unclear what type of vehicles this platform will also underpin, but since Ford has given up on selling cars altogether in the U.S. and Canada, we should expect a bunch of new trucks and SUVs spawn from the new architecture.

This strategy isn’t new. The Volkswagen group is currently developing its own all-electric platform dubbed MEB. It aims at underpinning EVs throughout the Volkswagen lineup, but also for Audi and even Porsche.

As a matter of fact, Ford has recently established a partnership with the German giant. It would come to no surprise that both carmakers be working together in the development of their respective platforms.

In 2018, Ford announced that it would invest $11 billion in the development of electric vehicles. The expected Flat Rock expansion will not only serve as a central hub for this transformation, but promises, according to Ford, to create more than 900 new jobs as of 2023.

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