Who Should you Trust Your Vehicle to?

Like most people, you feel an attachment to their vehicle. Because this mode of transportation brings a sense of freedom and pride, you tend to take good care of it. Considering this investment is so important, you likely want to keep it for a long time while maintaining the same levels of comfort and security. That’s when you ask yourself: Whom should I trust my vehicle to?

Technological advances in the glass industry and the automotive aftermarket have created their share of confusion in people’s minds. Vehicles are becoming increasingly intelligent and complex. Because of that, one could doubt the capabilities of your neighbourhood’s shop to properly carry out any work on your vehicle. A technician that is not on the lookout for the latest technologies and installation techniques can seriously compromise your safety. A so-called expert will not know how to advise you properly on what must be fixed on your vehicle. However, the question does not even arise if you are doing business with real automotive experts.

What is an Automotive Expert?

To be excellent at your profession, you need to be a real expert. It’s with practice, curiosity, learning new technologies, as well as continuously being aware of new trends in the industry that one becomes an expert and can truly master their trade. These experts have an in-depth knowledge of their profession. Armed with patience and attention to detail, they are driven by their passion and always seek to be the best. In a nutshell, these are the people we can trust.

The Uniglass people are the ones you can truly trust. Passionate about vehicles for more than 40 years, they grew up loving their craft, which is passed on from generation to generation.

“It takes passionate people to work in this field. We treat thousands of vehicles every year and each of them comes with its own challenges. Our line of work is constantly evolving; it follows new trends and technologies. For us, providing the best service to our customers means guaranteeing their complete satisfaction and overseeing that each of them is sent off safely. In fact, our network was one of the first to offer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration following a windshield replacement. Knowing that more vehicles are equipped with these systems and that recalibration is so important, it’s reassuring that we can count on a continuous learning program and the most reliable and advanced equipment on the market.” explains Dann Burt, Owner-UniglassPlus/Ziebart London (Hamilton).

At Uniglass, we are tops in our industry for competency and training. In fact, everything is put in place to offer each customer a favourable experience—customer satisfaction is our priority. “We love being close to our customers, and we do our best to be attentive to their needs. We still serve customers who have been doing business with us since the very beginning. This is very rewarding. We are also very thankful and always try to give back to our community in many ways.” adds Mr. Burt.

To save you from potential problems and disappointments, don’t leave your vehicle to just anyone. When it’s time to make the right decision, make sure you choose real experts who are passionate about a job well done. At Uniglass, each customer is important, and all services and customer needs are treated with the utmost care. Rest assured, you can trust our experts!

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