SEMA 2018: We’ll Be There!

This week, we’re flying straight to Las Vegas, the city of sin, for the 55th Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, the largest aftermarket car show in the world!

Tuning at its Best

With over 6000 companies specialized in aftermarket parts for cars and trucks, all reunited in one event, SEMA has quickly morphed into a cult event for any automotive enthusiast.

Today, many big-name carmakers turn up to showcase some specially tuned vehicles that are either put together by third-party suppliers, or their own in-house performance divisions.

SEMA is also where the craziest, most original automotive projects are exposed, whether through the form of a hot-rod, a sports compact car, a classic and/or muscle car, a supercar or even an off-road vehicle. SEMA has it all. The show even exhibits upcoming prototypes, often customized for the event.

It’s also quite frequent to spot celebrities, like Jay Leno and Magnus Walker, who come to the event each year to show off their rides, or even shop for a new one.

Among the wide variety of activities, SEMA offers a drag race series, a show and shine event, drift competitions and even a full-on off-road course. As a matter of fact, we’ll be following the people of FCA during our stay, where the Jeep group will invite us to take some of its customized Wranglers out for a spin in the desert, which should be quite exciting.

So as you can see, we’re going to be very busy this week, covering what is considered to be the most intense car show on the planet. Stay tuned for our full coverage live from Las Vegas!

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