No 2WD Lamborghini Aventador

In a recent interview, one of Lamborghini’s high-ranking executives went on record saying that there was little to no chance of ever seeing a factory-backed 2WD Aventador… and the reason might surprise you.

According to him, the 691-horsepower V12 is simply too powerful to be harnessed by two wheels; I guess nobody told him about the Ferrari LaFerrari, which generates 950 horsepower and sends them to the rear axle, or the Hennessey Venom GT, which features a RWD layout and 1,200 horsepower…

So why is there a rear-wheel-drive Huracán? According to Lamborghini R&D director Maurizio Reggiani, the platform was engineered from the start to accommodate this layout.

In other news, it seems that the manufacturer isn’t against the idea of offering its next SUV, the Urus, in 2WD form. However, while this vehicle would theoretically be possible, it would go against the notion of being a 4x4 vehicle, and would only be sold to get more customers.

Finally, we hear that a special car is to be built to honour Ferrucio Lamborghini’s 100th anniversary; named Centenario, this car would use a unique chassis on top of a Huracán chassis and a feisty V12 engine.

Music to my ears.

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