Cadillac Performance Data Recorder

Cadillac has raised the performance level of its V-series cars for 2016, first by introducing the smaller, more nimble ATS-V, and then by redesigning the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V, which is the fastest, most powerful car ever built by the American luxury car maker. 

To emphasize this newfound performance, both the ATS-V and the CTS-V include a Performance Data Recorder, primarily to be used at the racetrack, as standard equipment. The system was introduced in the C7 Corvette. 

The system uses GPS, as well as onboard sensors to measure lap times, speed, G-forces under acceleration, braking and turning, as well as gear, throttle and brake position. You can record the information via an SD card inserted into a slot in the glove box, and then scrutinize your performance on a Windows-based computer using the Cosworth Toolbox application, which is a free download from

The data recorder also includes an on-board video recorder, which overlays track data onto the screen upon playback. The point-of-view is located in the rear-view mirror mount, showing the forward portion of the hood low in the frame, and a broad view of the track ahead. It is very reminiscent of a video-game display, except it’s the real thing.

As mentioned, the Performance Data Recorder is available at no extra cost, but be forewarned: using it might reveal some inconsistencies in what you tell your track-driving buddies about your lap times... 

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