SRT Tomahawk Concept: From Unreal To Completely Mad

FCA's performance division SRT has a reputation for not going half way when they design something; from the Viper to the Hellcat duo, the brand quickly taught us that when they wanted something done, they typically threw more power at it until it was fast enough.

When the time came to design their Vision Gran Turismo concept, that's exactly what they did; three level of performance are available, and each one is more ridiculous than the last.

Regardless of the version, the SRT Tomahawk is a single-seater supercar with graphene bodywork and pneumatic shocks that move panels around to give the car better traction, improved top speed and maximum braking force when needed.

The ''base-model" receives a 7-litre V10 producing 792 horsepower. For even more power, there is a pneumatic motor supplying 215 ponies to the front axle.

The racing version, the GTS-R, has the same V10, but it now develops 1,137 horsepower. The pneumatic mill is also upgraded to 313 horsepower.

Finally, the Tomahawk X is an experimental version. Its total output is around 2,590 horsepower, and it can supposedly hit a top speed of 650 km/h.

Obviously, these will never be built; they will only ever be driven in Gran Turismo.

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