2015 Shanghai Auto Show: No Models And No Kids Allowed

We already knew that the next Shanghai auto show would not feature its signature hostesses; the show's organizing committee had to ban them because of pressure from the Chinese government. This measure has been implemented by the government to clean up the auto show’s image, which had been accused of being too vulgar. In the last few years, the Shanghai and Beijing auto shows have sometimes featured barely-dressed women. However, senior car salesmen (and women) will still be allowed next to the cars, as long as they know their product and they are dressed appropriately.

Another interesting piece of news from the upcoming auto show: citing security problems, the committee has also banned children from going to the car show. Since they expect to have a lot more people in attendance than in the past years, this could actually make sense… But it undermines the decision regarding the show’s women, since the government cited that they wanted to bring the show to a more family-friendly level.

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