The Next VW Tiguan Will Seat Seven

Volkswagen’s small SUV, the Tiguan, is proving to be quite popular. It is, however, growing long in the tooth, having been sold without major changes since 2007.

We already know that the next iteration of this vehicle will be based on the manufacturer’s MQB platform; Volkswagen has already stated that they intend on building the majority of their vehicles on it.

According to the latest information coming out of the Puebla assembly plant where the Tiguan is built, it would seem that the next version will have an optional third row of seats. The Mexican factory is currently being modernized, and investments of $1 billion dollars have been allocated to add another assembly line, which will supposedly build the new 7-passenger SUV. As a reminder, the Puebla assembly plant also builds the VW Golf.

The new Tiguan will obviously be offered in a regular version, and we think that the third-row option will be better suited to the occasional transportation of small children. We highly doubt that seven adults will be able to sit in the vehicle.

We will learn more when this new SUV is launched. Some rumours state that its unveiling is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show…

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