BMW 6-Series Stormtrooper: Darth Vilner’s Ride Of Choice

Every Star Wars fans has at one time or another had a moment of weakness and succumbed to the Dark Side by buying something impulsively. It usually is a Luke Skywalker figurine, or one of those cheap lightsabers that break after a few days.

A very fanatic (and probably very rich) lover of George Lucas’ saga decided to go one step further: he took delivery of a shiny new BMW 6-Series convertible, and transported it to Vilner to have it modified.

Last year, Vilner unveiled a modification package for the 6-Series, dubbed Bullshark. It includes new body panels (everything is modified, except the roof and doors), and gives the car a futuristic look not unlike the i8. Under the hood, the 4.4L V8 has been modified to pump out 370 HP and 385 pound-feet of torque.

But let’s get back to our special fan. Not only has he decided to have his 6-Series modified into a Vilner Bullshark, he also wanted his new car to look like a Stormtrooper, the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. This means that the car is painted a brilliant white, and it also sports carbon fibre accents, black and white wheels and the whole front of the vehicle has been modified to look like the soldier’s helmet.

Pricing has not been announced, but since the 6-Series convertible starts at $110,000, we can assume that this costs more than a handful of credits…

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