2015 Nissan Murano Unveiled in New York

UPDATE: Here are the first official pictures of the Nissan Murano!

The Nissan Murano has been with us in its current form since 2009, which is why Nissan will completely redesign it for 2015.

For now, we have no information on the vehicle, only this teaser video. From the looks of it, it will bear a close resemblance to the Resonance Concept. This would mean that the Murano would remain about the same size as the outgoing model, and would therefore be around the same price.

Nissan talks about a ''luxurious interior, upgraded security features and better connectivity''. It doesn't actually tell us anything, so we will have to wait for the official unveiling to learn more.

Listening to the rumor mill, we hear that the next-generation Murano may be available as a hybrid. Also, the convertible version (which we thankfully did not have in Canada) will probably not be renewed.

If you are interested in the full-size Nissan Crossover, follow our website closely. We will be at the New York Auto Show on April 16 for the official unveiling!

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