Rolls Royce Pulls Wraps off Longer Ghost

One of the strange quirks of the current Rolls Royce lineup has been the omission of a truly luxurious extended wheelbase version of the popular Ghost sedan. Although billed as an entry-level vehicle, one expects a certain degree of decorum when discussing Rolls Royce, and the notion of stuffing oneself within the confines of a less than optimized rear seat simply won’t do; which is why Rolls Royce has debuted the new extended wheelbase Ghost at the Shanghai auto show. 

Adding six inches or thereabout to the wheelbase, the new Ghost Extended Wheelbase offers substantial increases in rear seat legroom, and fittingly includes a panoramic sunroof over the rear seat for the enjoyment of those being chauffeured around in its supreme luxury. According to Rolls Royce, eager buyers will be able to purchase one of the limited-availability 2011 Ghost Extended Wheelbases, with full-scale production starting up in 2012. 

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