DIY Oil Change: What Should You Do With Your Used Oil?

Some important maintenance tasks require specialized equipment, and this means you’ll have to go to a dealer or your local repair shop. An oil change, on the other hand, is a rather simple operation that can easily be done at home to save a few dollars.

As a matter of fact, by doing it yourself, you’ll spend only about $20 for your oil and no more than $10 for your filter. Having the work done by a professional will cost you double, if not more.

But be careful, some municipalities have by-laws regarding oil changes and other mechanical work at home. This is something you’ll have to check first.

And remember, used oils are a dangerous, highly toxic pollutant. They should never be discared in the sewer. A single litre of motor oil can contaminate a million litres of drinking water!

In a previous article, we’ve explained how to successfully do your own oil change. Another very important point we want to cover is this one: what should you do with your old motor oil?

Like many other things, it can be recycled! Using a funnel, transfer the waste oil in the jug that contained your new oil. Now you can wipe your hands, the old filter and the container with a rag. The only thing left to do is to bring your old oil to a recycling facility near you.

In an effort to help the environment, several garages now offer to collect waste oil from DIY oil changes for recycling. To find one, use CAA-Québec’s Approved Auto Repair Services search tool and look for shops that have the Clé Verte certification. They will also accept your old filters, oil containers, and aerosol cans.

Remember, every step towards protecting the environment counts!

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