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Nissan Xterra


$34,013 – $35,998

Fuel efficiency

10.5 - 13.7 l/100 km

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The Xterra is one of the few vehicles on the market that is genuinely built for off-roading. This robust SUV is derived from the enormous Titan pickup truck and is powered by a 4.0L 261-hp engine. It comes with four-wheel drive, but the part-time variety to appease off-roading diehards. The six-speed manual gearbox is factory standard, but there’s also an optional five-speed automatic.

Green light

  • Spacious interior (Armada)
  • Towing capacity (Armada)
  • Extreme off-road capabilities (XTerra)
  • Tried and true engines

Red light

  • Very high fuel consumption
  • Obsolete products
  • Five-speed automatic transmission
  • Rigid suspension (XTerra)

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