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  1. Blog The Art of Going Topless (in Your Car)
    Driving a topless car is an art. Okay, it’s not a terribly complex art, maybe not on par with glass-blowing, but it nonetheless a subtle art that requires preparation. Driving a convertible is very special indeed. Ask anyone who owns one. Once you go topless, you never go back. That … Full story
  2. Special Events Mercedes-Benz Goes Green: Electric powertrains in Every Class!
    The German automaker recently summoned automobile journalists to a presentation officially called “Road to the Future,” but nicknamed “Tech Day.” This program showcases the vehicles and technologies that will forge the future of Mercedes-Benz products. Just like many other manufacturers, Mercedes believes that the future of automobiles will be defined … Full story
  3. Special Events Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 Exclusive – Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100: Look Ma, No Steering Wheel!
    We’ve written it time and time again: there is nothing terribly inspiring about driving a Rolls-Royce. Well, it seems as though the company’s management has finally gotten the message. The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 has no steering wheel, as it is a fully autonomous boat. And boat it is! Although … Full story
  4. Special Events MINI VISION NEXT 100 Exclusive – MINI VISION NEXT 100: the MINI for the Coming Decades
    The MINI’s 100th anniversary celebrations are far from over. After unveiling the BMW VISION NEXT 100, it’s now time to introduce MINI’s vision for the future. The Munich-based group is targeting autonomous driving and the MINI VISION NEXT 100 will incorporate this new technology. Car sharing is also on the … Full story
  5. Racing Porsche 919 Hybrid Porsche’s Not-so-secret Weapon for Le Mans: The Two-time Winning 919 Hybrid
    Race cars have long since been test beds for all kinds of automotive-related technologies. From brakes to tires, engines and gearboxes, much of what we take for granted in our road cars were, at one point, developed for racing, and were fine-tuned for our use. We owe much of our … Full story
  6. Racing 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016: Surprise Ending!
    If the first 23 hours and 50 minutes were relatively tame, the last ten minutes turned out to be some of the most memorable in Le Mans history. Toyota had essentially won the race roughly 90 minutes before the end. This assessment was overheard from a famous repeat winner of … Full story
  7. Tires Alloy wheels, benefits only!
    Article produced by the team You've all heard a friend, a neighbour, or a colleague bragging about the new "rims" he installed on his car. Enhanced look and improved road grip are only some of the benefits that motivate car owners to buy alloy wheels. And you? Do you … Full story
  8. Special Events Electric mobility at Daimler will be in the six figures by 2020
    Prof Dr Thomas Weber, 62, has been responsible for Daimler Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development for 12 years. This means he is involved in a key position in the ongoing largest technological transformation of the automobile in its 130-year history. In the interview, he summarises where we stand in … Full story
  9. First Drives 2017 Lincoln MKZ: Lincoln Takes a Stand
    It’s not getting a complete overhaul, but the Lincoln MKZ is nonetheless undergoing a major tweaking for 2017. With new styling and a new engine, Lincoln is not only updating this model, but also aligning it with its vision for the lineup. If you’ve been following the world of automobiles … Full story

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