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  1. First Drives Exclusive: We Test the Mazda CX-5 Diesel, the CX-5 of the Future!
    Mazda has just unveiled an updated version of its CX-5, which will boast the G-Vectoring Control torque management system and a diesel engine in addition to the current gasoline engines. On our most recent visit to Japan we jumped at the chance to try the CX-5 diesel and it knocked … Full story
  2. Motoring TV
    Throwback Thursday: Review 1988 Lincoln Continental
    Where were you in 1988? Graeme was behind the wheel of a Lincoln Continental with front wheel drive! Enjoy. (This segment originally appeared on Motoring TV 1988 episode 4) … Full story
  3. Test Drives 2016 Cadillac CT6: Family Feud
    The American brand set out to battle the well-established players in the full-size luxury segment by introducing the new CT6. While it isn’t the biggest car Cadillac has ever made—who likely will never be able to say that again—it is the largest car in the current lineup. Bigger than the … Full story
  4. First Drives 2017 BMW 5 Series: 7 Series Comfort, 3 Series Agility
    Although the 3 Series is BMW’s top seller in Canada, besting the Bavarian manufacturer's various SUVs, the 5 Series is the brand’s most well-known model. While the first generation was introduced in 1972 , 2017 will witness the arrival of the seventh generation, which we’re comfortably calling spectacular after our … Full story
  5. Video Reviews
    Review: 2016 Lexus RX
    It was nearly two years ago that Lexus started its trek in a bold new direction, at least aesthetically, with the launch of the NX compact crossover . Not long after, the luxury brand introduced the equally eye-catching RC coupe . The next step in the journey was to give … Full story
  6. Blog Christmas Gift Ideas: Car Buffers
    Shopping for a car lover this Christmas? If your friend or family member enjoys polishing cars in summer, you can’t go wrong with a car buffer. And there are plenty of different products out there, available for a wide range of prices. Yes, they make buffers specifically for automobiles, and … Full story
  7. First Drives 2017 Honda CR-V: Honda's Back On Top
    I was really jonesing to test drive this CR-V. I viewed it as the same sort of giant leap forward as the new-generation Civic. The reason is simple enough: the old-gen CR-V, which you'll find at a discounted price very soon, was basically the result of Honda’s frenzied attempt to … Full story
  8. Video Reviews
    Two-Minute Test Drive: ’57 Chevy—with a twist
    This 1957 Chevrolet may not look perfect at first glance, but then again, it all depends on how you define “perfect” to begin with. Sure, it’s got it’s flaws—57 years on this earth will do that to anything. Pop the hood, however, and you will find a 350 small block … Full story
  9. Video Reviews
    Test Drive: 2016 BMW i3
    "Electric cars are a hot commodity right now," says Graeme Fletcher, "and it's all about sustainable mobility." BMW's answer is its i brand. And while the i8 is the German automaker's interpretation of the future of performance, the 2016 BMW i3 is its take on the future of commuting. Powered … Full story

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  1. Motoring TV
    Throwback Thursday: Review 1988 Lincoln Continental
  2. Video Reviews
    Review: 2016 Lexus RX
  3. Video Reviews
    Two-Minute Test Drive: ’57 Chevy—with a twist
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    Kia - The Curve Ahead #1
  5. Video Reviews
    Test Drive: 2016 BMW i3
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    Review: 2016 Toyota Tacoma