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Mazda 3


$17,690 – $28,690

Fuel efficiency

4.3 - 7.3 l/100km

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Best compact car of 2015
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When it first hit the market, the Mazda3 (then called the Protégé) had difficulty carving out a place for itself among compact cars. Today, it’s dominating the segment ahead of the Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus! Its two four-cylinder engines (2.0 and 2.5 litres) represent a good compromise between sportiness and fuel economy. This Mazda starts at $17,690 and comes as either a sedan or hatchback. What more could you ask for?

Green light

  • Kiss boredom good-bye
  • Exciting handling
  • Good drivetrains
  • Noticeable savings
  • Solid body

Red light

  • Limited trunk space (5-door sport version)
  • Laughable horn
  • Light steering at low speed
  • Little storage space
  • Print

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