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Datsun 240Z Replacement Coming From Nissan

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According to a report by Motor Trend, Nissan will be releasing a successor to the famous Datsun 240Z, codenamed the Z35.

The Z35 will look to mimic the classic lines of the Datsun with a narrow body and long nose. Nissan plans to make it lightweight by using high-tensile steel.

The choice of motors could be their popular V6 or a more fuel efficient turbo 4 cylinder producing 330 horsepower. NISMO will likely have a hand in tuning a performance variant as well.

We don’t yet know whether the Z35 replace the current 370Z or become its own model. An inexpensive rear-wheel drive coupe would compete with Scion’s FR-S and Subaru’s BRZ so perhaps there is room for both in the lineup, especially considering Toyota’s plans to release a new Supra in the future.

The Z35 concept will be revealed in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

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