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Ford Brings Platinum Luxury to Super Duty

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A few years ago, it was the economy car market that seemed to demand the most diligence from auto manufacturers. With updates expected almost overnight, progress was driven forcibly forward, rewarding thrifty drivers with ever-better automobiles whilst those traversing the globe in larger vehicles were simply expected to make do with ages-old technology. 

And while we're not precisely sure when the inversion happened, the opposite seems to be the case now, with manufacturers pushing technology forward in the crossover, truck, and SUV sectors like never before. Take, for example, the revised 2013 Ford Super Duty. Although inheriting many of the same (and most expensively developed) parts of the previous model, the new one promises to woo would-be buyers with all manner of technological wizardry. Best experienced in the first-ever Platinum edition of the hulking workhorse, the new high-end Super Duty will include everything from Sync to MyFord Touch and all the accoutrements thereof, specifically tuned to work within the Super Duty via a gigantic 8" touch screen optimized for use with thick work gloves. Add in the power telescoping mirrors, rear-view camera, and of course, the classy exterior trim, and the new Super Duty Platinum is sure to set a new standard for luxury in the truck market.

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