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Test Drive: Honda Civic Si keeps getting better
The ninth generation Honda Civic Si received a refresh for the 2015 model year, but it wasn't just in the styling department. Improvements aside, the sporty little commuter is as reliable and fun to drive as ever.
April 1, 2015
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Test Drive: Mini Cooper ups the ante for 2015
The Mini Cooper may be bigger for the 2015 model year, but it's still a small car. Particularly under the hood, where the car saw its 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine replaced with a turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder. It may be down a cylinder, as Graeme Fletcher explains, but the new powerplant puts …
March 11, 2015
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Review: Porsche feeds appetite for SUVs with 2015 Macan
Porsche says it expects to hit its U.S. sales goal of selling 50,000 vehicle in 2015, three years earlier that anticipated. Since the introduction of theCayenne, Porsche sells more trucks than sports cars—go figure! We got a first drive in Porsche's newest beast at the word launch of the Macan, …
March 4, 2015
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Review: Lexus overhauls image with edgy NX
Lexus has never been known for its design prowess. Sure, Toyota's luxury unit has built some attractive vehicles over the years, but that may have been more by coincidence than design. So when it pulled the cover off the 2015 NX, the edgy crossover caught our attention. The NX was …
February 25, 2015
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Review: Lincoln takes aim at younger buyers with MKC
Cadillac has done it, now The Lincoln Motor Company, as it once again calls itself, is hoping to regain its roll as a luxury brand. The MKZ was not a great start, but now Lincoln is jumping into the compact luxury utility segment with the MKC. Motoring TV attended the …
February 18, 2015
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Throwback Thursday: How the future of driving looked in 1992
in 1992, the Motoring gang took a look at what the future of driving had in store. Apparently back then automakers were trying to sell the world on the idea of satnav and crash avoidance systems all while we were still trying to figure out how to program our VCRs.?
November 6, 2014
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