Motoring TV 2016 Affordable Crossover of the Year

Like sedans before it, crossovers are exploding in popularity around the world.

With so many new entrants on the market for 2016, and so many sub-segments to deal with, Motoring TV's 2016 Car of the Year show features not one, not two, but three crossover segments.

This time we take a look at the top picks for Affordable Crossover of the Year.

First up is the Jeep Renegade, an Italian-built cute ute that marks the smallest vehicle ever sold with a Jeep badge.

Sharing a platform with the Fiat 500X, the Renegade has been Jeep-ified to provide some separation between the two.

Next up is the Honda HR-V, a vehicle that, as Graeme Fletcher puts it, "is a city-friendly crossover with more than its fair share of comfort, convenience and versatility."

Like the Fit on which it is based, the HR-V maximizes its interior space like nothing else in its segment while providing a small footprint and the fuel economy to match.

And last but not least is the Mazda CX-3, "an attractive ride that brings flexibility in an urban-friendly package," according to Graeme.

So which new affordable crossover takes the crown for 2016?

Check out the video for more!

This segment originally appeared on Episode 13 of Motoring 2016.

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