Recall date March 6, 2019
Models affected
  • 2015 Volkswagen Golf
  • 2016 Volkswagen Golf
  • 2017 Volkswagen Golf
  • 2018 Volkswagen Golf
  • 2019 Volkswagen Golf
  • 2019 Volkswagen Jetta
  • 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan
  • 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan
Units affected 15,579

Issue: On certain vehicles, the rear suspension coil springs may not have been properly manufactured and could break over time.

This could cause damage to a rear tire, resulting in rapid air loss and/or tire failure.

Safety Risk: A rear tire failure could affect vehicle control.

Additionally, a broken coil spring could also create a road hazard for other motorists.

Both of these conditions may increase the risk of a crash.

Corrective Actions: The company will notify owners by mail.

Owners will be instructed to take their vehicle to a dealer to have both of the rear axle coil springs replaced.

If a broken coil spring is found, the rear tires should be inspected for damage and replaced as required.

Additional information may be available on Transport Canada's website