Tesla Roadster

Price US$125,000
Fuel consumption N/A
The Car Guide rating 67%(view ratings)
Who said electric cars are no fun? With more than 300 km in range and performances that compare to the world’s most legendary sports cars, the Tesla Roadster aimed to please. In fact, the only thing holding it back from widespread popularity was its $140,000 price tag. The Californian company has thus decided to discontinue its production and focus on the Model S, a more affordable electric vehicle.

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BuzzTesla Roadster Re-imagined in Cybertruck Guise
What would happen if you crossed the upcoming Tesla Roadster with the newly unveiled Cybertruck ? It’s a question no one has ever asked (we think), yet the answer can be found in this rendering posted on Twitter earlier this month. A modern take on the famous DMC DeLorean? We …
NewsTesla Unveils The Roadster 3.0
While the Tesla Model S is currently the one that receives all the attention, let's not forget that the Californian manufacturer started its career by shoving an electric drivetrain into a Lotus Elise. This first car, named simply Tesla Roadster, placed Elon Musk's brand under the spotlight, and it gave …


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Exclusive! - Fremont Tesla Factory Visit
The Car Guide was given the special privilege of visiting the Tesla Fremont factory. We are providing you with a quick glimpse on how the Tesla is built and we will be publishing a more detailed video in coming weeks on this exclusive experience.
Motoring TV
Tesla Model S vs. Dodge Challenger
"The best laid plans," as the old saying goes, "often go awry." Well when the Motoring TV team's plans went awry, there was no choice but to head to Graeme Fletcher's stomping grounds for a bit of a showdown. The competitors? The 2014 Tesla Model S and the 2014 Dodge …
Tesla Model S - Cold Weather Performance
Chris Porritt, Tesla's VP of Vehicle Engineering, describes the unique features of Model S that make it such a remarkable car in colder climates. From its innovative chassis design, to the instant responsiveness of its electric powertrain, to its state-of-the-art software features, there has never been an all-weather sedan quite …