Tesla Cybertruck

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There are pickups, and then there is the Tesla Cybertruck. Beyond the polarizing design is a unique stainless steel body. Single-, dual- and tri-motor configurations are available, with 0-100 km/h acceleration times that range from 3.1-6.7 seconds. Now, how far can you go with a fully charged battery? Tesla claims the base Cybertruck is good for 400 kilometres, while the top-line model exceeds 800 kilometres. The first deliveries are planned sometime in 2022.

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PreviewsFive Things to Know About the Tesla Cybertruck
The shockwave created by the launch of Tesla ’s new electric pickup is not about to fade anytime soon. While some are ecstatic and marvelling at the exceptional capabilities of this truck, many others have a tough time swallowing the outrageous design and are wondering if this is all a …


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NewsTesla’s Record Profit in 2021 Not Enough to Launch Cybertruck Before 2023
Tesla announced on Wednesday a record profit of $5.5 billion USD in 2021, increasing its revenue 71 percent to $53.82 billion USD, 65 percent of which came in the fourth quarter alone. These results can be attributed to a spectacular 87-percent increase in vehicle deliveries globally—surpassing 936,000 units—despite the ongoing …
ElectricTesla Cybertruck Production to Begin With New Four-Motor Variant
Since October, the Tesla Cybertruck ’s specs are nowhere to be found on the company’s website. Why? The polarizing electric pickup, which was originally introduced as a prototype in November 2019 and won’t enter production before 2022, is currently undergoing last-minute changes. Significant ones, we might add. Among others, we’ve …
ElectricTesla Hints at Even More Powerful Superchargers
Last night was the special delivery event for the new 1,020-horsepower Model S Plaid , and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted that even more powerful and faster-charging Superchargers are coming. The current Supercharger network consists of more than 25,000 stalls globally, with a mix of older V2 units (up to …
NewsTesla Cybertruck Reportedly Has Over One Million Reservations
Unveiled in November 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has now generated more than one million reservations based on a crowdsourced tracker posted online. At about the same time last year, the number of reservations stood at a little over 600,000. Most of them are for dual- or triple-motor variants, which are …
NewsTesla CyberLandr Orders are Already Through the Roof
While the first deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck have been pushed back to 2022, a heck of a lot of people are showing interest in Elon Musk’s Blade Runner -inspired electric pickup. Need more proof? On April 6, a company in Las Vegas called Stream It unveiled an innovative camper/overlander …
NewsWatch: Renowned Car Designer Criticizes Tesla Cybertruck
The design of the controversial Tesla Cybertruck has polarized auto journalists, enthusiasts and the general public alike since its debut in November 2019. Some people see it as a stroke of genius, while others still think it’s a joke. What does renowned car designer Frank Stephenson have to say about …
ElectricTesla Cybertruck Won’t be Ready Until 2022
The controversial Tesla Cybertruck made its global debut a little over a year ago with the promise of entering production in late 2021, but just like they’ve done a few times in the past, Elon Musk and his team are now delaying plans. While production is still on track for …
BuzzFord F-150 Raptor Turned Into Gas-Powered Tesla Cybertruck Replica
The Tesla Cybertruck won’t enter production until late 2021, but a lot of people are eagerly waiting for it, as evidenced by the 600,000+ pre-orders the company claims to have received so far. Not content to just sit still and do nothing about it, a Tesla and Ford enthusiast in …


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The Car Guide was given the special privilege of visiting the Tesla Fremont factory. We are providing you with a quick glimpse on how the Tesla is built and we will be publishing a more detailed video in coming weeks on this exclusive experience.
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Tesla Model S vs. Dodge Challenger
"The best laid plans," as the old saying goes, "often go awry." Well when the Motoring TV team's plans went awry, there was no choice but to head to Graeme Fletcher's stomping grounds for a bit of a showdown. The competitors? The 2014 Tesla Model S and the 2014 Dodge …
Tesla Model S - Cold Weather Performance
Chris Porritt, Tesla's VP of Vehicle Engineering, describes the unique features of Model S that make it such a remarkable car in colder climates. From its innovative chassis design, to the instant responsiveness of its electric powertrain, to its state-of-the-art software features, there has never been an all-weather sedan quite …