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NewsYou Could Build Your Very Own Saleen S7!
American tuner Saleen made its name by offering a large array of products for Fords, and more specifically Mustangs; at one point, they were competing directly with Shelby. At the turn of the millennium, the small firm even built their own supercar (it was the first made in North-America, by …
NewsSaleen Faces Financial Hardship
American tuning company Saleen used to be in very good shape: they were selling the S7 and were developing a new supercar, the Raptor. They sold modified Mustangs by the dozens, and a partnership with Ford looked promising (they were eventually instrumental in the design of the Ford GT). Today …
NewsSaleen to Develop Electric Car
World renowned vehicle tuner Saleen is known for its high-performance creations including Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Challengers and other U.S. models. The company is now planning to sink its teeth into a vehicle with an electric motor. Steve Saleen, the owner of the company, recently declared that its electric …
NewsSaleen Warranty Program Collapses
Once renowned for building some of the fastest Mustangs extant, the company that once proudly bore Steve Saleen’s name is, without a doubt, shafting its customers. Having moved on to another company, Steve Saleen opted to sell the assets of the popular Mustang and supercar building company, called Saleen Inc., …


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