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Test DrivesThe 2009 Saab 9-3 XWD, good car, uncertain future
It’s hard to say what will become of Saab over the next year or so. What we do know is that the Swedish automaker has cut ties with GM and is currently in a state of financial recovery. Will Koenisegg, its new owner, will keep those cars on our market …


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NewsWe Won't See GM's Orphaned Brands Back Anytime Soon
In a recent interview, General Motors' CEO Mary Barra announced that she wasn't missing the brands that GM killed during the 2008-2009 restructuring: Saturn, Saab, Hummer and Pontiac. This is by no means an official announcement, but it probably means that we won't see a revival of the brands while …
NewsSaab Isn't Dead
Brand enthusiasts can sometimes go to extreme lengths to make sure their favourite manufacturer stays alive as long as they can. When Saab went under, most of their dealerships closed. But one particular dealer in the New York region decided they weren't done selling Saabs. First, they bought the customer …
NewsThe New/Old Saab is Now Electric
Did you know that the Swedish manufacturer Saab was still producing cars? Since GM axed the brand, the Trollhättan company’s future has been more than uncertain: it was bought by a consortium that wished to save the storied brand, before risking going under when one of the investors backed out …
NewsSaab Stops its Production… Again
Do you remember Saab? The Swedish manufacturer which, after a short ownership by GM, filed for bankruptcy a few years ago? Shortly after, a consortium composed of the Swedish government and a Chinese investor bought back the factory and the assets of the defunct company with hopes of building their …
NewsSaab Production Restarts
Saab has reopened its plant in Trollhättan after 30 months of inactivity. Newly acquired by the National Electric Company Vehicle Sweden (NEVs), new Saabs started rolling off the assembly line yesterday. At the moment, only the 9-3 model with a gasoline engine is assembled. The rate of production of these …
NewsSaab to Start Producing New Vehicles Once Again
The Swedish manufacturer is not dead, having been rescued last year by the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). As its name suggests, NEVS is a company specializing in the development of alternative energies. Last week, Saab began to gradually hire employees at its industrial complex in Trollhättan. In December 2011, …
NewsSpyker Sues GM Over Saab Bankruptcy
Spyker, the company that purchased the assets belonging to failed Swedish automaker Saab after General Motors elected to shutter the company, is suing the North American brand for what it calls 'sabotage.' In essence, the Dutch concern is claiming that GM made every effort to prevent Spyker from bringing in …
NewsSaab Takeover Complete, Will Build Electric Vehicles For Chinese Market
The Saab saga entered a new chapter this week with news that the beleaguered Swedish brand's sale to National Electric Vehicle Sweden has been completed. NEVS will take control of the majority of the automaker's production facilities, inventory, and intellectual property following its recent bankruptcy and divestiture by previous owner …


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Motoring TV 2002 Episode 7
Saab intros new 9-5 2002 Ford Thunderbird fuel additives Ford Contour with after-market face-lift JD Power Survey problems related to cars with disc brake systems dangers of driving in and out of airports.
Motoring TV 2002 Episode 19
Mercedes AMG 2002 Freelander HSE visual inspection of tires 9X & 9-3X: Saab sees its future engine vibration could mean faulty ignition coil Jim Kenzie on raising the speed limit to 130KPH.
Motoring TV 2005 Episode 22
Saab unveils its first SUV the 9-7x 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca symptoms of bad universal joint on the track with Chrysler's SRT vehicles Bill Gardiner intros the Dodge Dakota long term Why doesn't GM get any respect?
Motoring TV
Throwback Thursday: 1988 SAAB 9000 Turbo
We go back almost 30 years as Graeme gets behind the wheel of the Saab 9000 Turbo. Car & Driver selected the 9000 turbo as one of the 10 best cars of 1988. It was also the first year the vehicle got standard anti-lock brakes, a big deal back then.
Motoring TV
Throwback Thursday: Saab Performance Team
Motoring TV has hosted its fair share of cool car stuff over the last 29 years, but there's perhaps nothing cooler than what the Saab Performance Team brought to the table in 1996. With a handful of Saab 900 Turbos at its disposal, the Saab Performance Team put on a …