Mitsubishi Mirage

Price $12,498 – $16,598
Fuel consumption 4.4 – 5.9 L/100km
The Car Guide rating N/A
The Mirage’s arrival to North America means Mitsubishi has now joined the subcompact category. Its 1.2L three-cylinder engine promises highway fuel consumption of 4.4L/100 km due mainly to a new-generation CVT. There are two available versions: the basic ES and the SE (which is like the ES but with numerous options added). With a 10-year powertrain warranty, the Mirage starts at $13,000.

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MechanicalThe Mitsubishi Mirage Under the Microscope
Since its North American debut, the Mitsubishi Mirage has been the subject of a lot talk—and heated debate! While its body shape is not unpleasant, a closer look reveals all the shortcuts the manufacturer took to produce the car at a low cost. Shortcuts like that are okay, but only …
First Drives2014 Mitsubishi Mirage: Are Your Eyes Deceiving You?
Mitsubishi’s North American line-up is nothing if not heterogeneous. Two compact SUVs (the Outlander and RVR), a rather ordinary sedan and wagon whose base versions become exceptional when called Ralliart or, especially, Evolution. There’s also a little, 100% electric car called the iMiEV. And last week, we attended the launch …


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MontrealRefreshed 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Unveiled in North American Premiere
Mitsubishi chose the 2020 Montreal Auto Show to host the North American premiere of the significantly refreshed and updated 2021 Mirage . While the company recently decided to drop the sedan in Canada, the five-door hatchback soldiers on with a new iteration built in Thailand. The biggest change can be …
NewsRefreshed 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage to Return to Canada
The small-car segment is crumbling. Several models were dropped in recent years and a few others won’t return in 2020. Mitsubishi is no exception, having just announced that the Mirage G4 sedan will no longer be sold in Canada. What about the five-door Mirage ? This one was unveiled with …
NewsRefreshed Mitsubishi Mirage is Going to be Sold in Canada
As previously reported, Mitsubishi is dropping the Mirage G4 sedan in Canada , leaving the future of the Mirage hatchback up in the air. Sales of sub-compact cars are largely affected by the rise in popularity of small crossovers like the Hyundai Kona , Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Kicks .
NewsExclusive The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Won't Return
Seeing how unpopular the Mirage G4 is, the new president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors of Canada, Juyu Jeon, wisely decided to axe the diminutive sedan—a good news for dealers, which had to maintain a few units in their inventory. So, 2019 will be the final model year for the …
BuzzWatch: 750-Hp Mitsubishi Mirage Climbs Hill Like There’s no Tomorrow
Many people keep wondering why Mitsubishi chose to abandon cars in North America except for the Mirage . As one of the cheapest vehicles on the market (MSRP of $10,998), it does attract more people into showrooms, but this sub-compact car lacks refinement, styling is questionable and the tiny 1.2-litre …
Los AngelesMitsubishi Launches Refreshed 2016 RVR And 2017 Mirage in L.A.
Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi doubled its pleasure in Los Angeles with not one, but two unveilings, both of which are refreshed versions of existing models. The 2016 Mitsubishi RVR gets a redesigned front fascia in order to draw its family resemblance closer to its bigger brother, the Outlander. Actually, “Dynamic Shield” …
NewsMitsubishi Mirage G4: Almost a World Premiere in Montréal
The Mitsubishi G4 Concept was first unveiled in March 2013 at the Auto Show in Bangkok. It’s more of a prototype than a conventional sedan to join the Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback. Thanks to the magic of the internet, it was a presentation that went around the world. In Montreal Last …
MontrealMitsubishi Mirage G4: North American Premiere
A North American premiere in Montreal! Well, that’s nothing ... Last year, Mitsubishi unveiled the Mirage as a North American premiere but at that time it didn’t even have a name! This year it was the sedan which makes its first appearance on our continent. Made in Thailand, and already …


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