Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Price $134,000 – $167,000
Fuel consumption 14.1 – 18.0 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 69%(view ratings)
Germany's iconic all-terrain SUV has undergone its most significant technical and stylistic transformation in almost 40 years. Bigger, stronger and lighter, it rides on a brand new suspension (now independent up front) and boasts a completely revised and updated interior where two available 12.3-inch displays blend into a widescreen cockpit. The G-Class offers increased comfort as well as 416- and 577-horsepower V8 engines mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Detailed ratings

The Car Guide rating 69%
Fuel economy 3/10
Reliability 6/10
Safety 9/10
Infotainment 7/10
Driving 6/10
Overall 8/10

What's new in 2019



  • Quality finish and assembly
  • Unique style
  • Makes you feel invincible
  • Low depreciation


  • Manoeuvrability has improved, but still needs work
  • Very high fuel consumption (17-18 L/100 km)
  • Hard to capitalize on power (G 63)


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