Maybach 57 - 62

Price US$372,500 – US$1,405,000
Fuel consumption 12.8 – 21.1 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 87%(view ratings)
The Maybach brand is alive and well under the protective embrace of Mercedes. It offers a single sedan, whose trim levels include the 57, the sportier 57S, the 62 and 62S. Not to mention the Landaulet and its retractable top. This model, however, is reserved to political and religious leaders only. There are no new developments for 2012, other than some extra options and luxury features.

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NewsMore Than a Million Kilometers in a Maybach !
In 2004, Josef Weikinger was one of the few people who bought a Maybach 62, paying $700,000 dollars for it. The businessman owns Europe’s first solar glass company, and had to drive all over the continent for business trips. Most of the people who bought Maybach sold them a year …


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