Jaguar XK

Price $109,125 – $146,000
Fuel consumption 9.1 – 14.1 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 65%(view ratings)
Searching for a vehicle with a GT personality or maybe the raging bull attitude of the XKR or XKR? If so, this is your last chance, as the F-Type drives the XK into retirement. The beautiful roar of its V8 (with 385, 510 or 550 horsepower) is available with rear-wheel drive only. The only available gearbox, a six-speed automatic, betrays the car’s age. Its reliability is also from another era and, in Jaguar’s case, this is not necessarily a compliment.

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Test Drives2015 Jaguar XKR-S: Not Going Quietly Into The Night
Is there anything sadder than a funeral for a friend? Jaguar has declared 2015 to be the final year of production for the XK coupe and convertible, with not even the ultra high performance Jaguar XKR-S gaining a stay of execution. Riding on a platform that dates back ten years, …
Test Drives2014 Jaguar XKR : Age and Beauty!
The Jaguar line-up includes just four models: the brand new F-Type, the sumptuous XF and XJ sedans, and the sporty XK. The latter first appeared on the market in 2007, which makes eight years now. Eight years in the life of a car is like 80 human years. But life …
Test Drives2014 Jaguar XK: A Clutter of Cats
Jaguar got a fresh new start in 2008, when the company saw a new influx of resources after Indian automobile conglomerate, Tata Motors, bought the prestigious brand from Ford. Tata made waves in 2009 when it introduced the home-market Nano, a twin-cylinder micro car whose claim to fame was that …
Test DrivesJaguar XKR: Dazzling lines, exquisite engine sound
With some cars, it’s love at first sight. The Jaguar XK is one of those cars – especially the supercharged XKR and XKR-S. You have to see this English car up close to appreciate its style: in my opinion the photos just don’t do it justice. It’s undoubtedly one of …
Test DrivesThe Jaguar XKR: The cat is out of the bag
Since its career began in 1920, the Jaguar brand has had moments of glory and moments of difficulty. Some 20 years ago, the noble English brand was bought by Ford, which was in expansion-mode at the time. Ironically, even though British dignity is about the last thing Americans could understand, …
Test Drives2010 Jaguar XKR: it’s all style!
Some cars you just fall in love at first glance – and that’s certainly the case with the Jaguar XK, and especially the super-juiced R model. To truly appreciate its style, you have to see it in person, since photos don’t seem to do it justice. It really is one …


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GenevaJaguar Builds A Fastest XKR
The XK is a downright gorgeous car. Penned by the same inspired genius that’s given us the current crop of Aston Martins, it has nearly everything a buyer could possibly want: a lightweight aluminum superstructure, a muscular V8 powertrain family, an opulent interior and looks that turn a horde of …


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Motoring TV 2000 Episode 5
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Motoring TV
2 Minute Test Drive - Jaguar XKR-S
In a Motoring TV first, Graeme Fletcher is joined on the skid pad by the 2 minute man Russ Bond, but they only have one ca!! See how they decide who drives, and oh yeah, check out the new Jag. Motoring 2014, Episode 18 …