Ferrari California

Price $231,606
Fuel consumption 10.5 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 76%(view ratings)
This hardtop Ferrari roadster is designed for rides on winding roads, not for the track. This popular model is powered by a 552-horspower, 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 and the transmission is a seven-speed automatic. With such a sporty nature, rear-wheel drive is a given. Although its passenger compartment favours comfort more than the brand's other models, the interior layout is every bit as exclusive.

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Test Drives2015 Ferrari California T: The One To Dream About
Italian automaker Ferrari made a bold move by introducing the California, a car with a more docile character and aimed at buyers seeking something racy, but that’s better suited for everyday driving than the brand’s other products. The California not only became the most affordable Ferrari, but also the only …
Test Drives2014 Ferrari California: Special Handling Package
How does one pigeon-hole the California, Ferrari's most blatant attempt at mainstream consumerism? Is it pedestrian? No, that makes the gorgeous, two-door hardtop convertible sound too much like a Camry and no Toyota has ever engendered so much lust (from the boys) and admiration (from the female set) as this …


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GenevaThe Ferrari California T: For Folks Who Love to Drive
The Ferrari California T may be pretty and offer lively acceleration, but it’s not exactly a sports car. It’s more of a grand tourer, designed for folks who want to savour the road, not devour it. But since the prancing horse brand is looking to cast a wider net by …
GenevaFerrari California T Revealed
Ferrari has revealed the next generation California, called the California T. The front-engined Ferrari is scheduled for a grand unveiling at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. As expected, the California T will make use of a new 3.9-litre turbo V8 with output being increased to 560 horsepower, up from 490 …


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Motoring TV
Ferrari Club of America
The 2016 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal gave Motoring TV the opportunity to meet some of the most passionate fans in the world, not not only of F1 racing, but also for one special car called Ferrari. (This segment originally aired on Motoring TV 2016 episode 26) …
Ferrari F12tdf - Focus on Powertrain
F12tdf’s engine is the F12berlinetta’s 6262CC 65° V12 on which Ferrari engineers worked to boost maximum power output from 740 CV to 780 CV at 8.500 rpm, yelding a specific power output of 125 CV/l. The engine’s sporty response is assured by a maximum torque figure of 705 Nm (up …