BMW 3 Series

Price $45,600 – $77,550
Fuel consumption 5.5 – 13.7 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 78%(view ratings)
The BMW 3 Series has long been the car to beat in the luxury sport-sedan category and remains one of the benchmarks in its class. Available in sedan, wagon and hatchback configurations, it offers hybrid, diesel or gasoline engines with power ranging from 180 horsepower all the way up to 425 in the performance-infused M3. The diesel version is one of very few of its kind in this segment—and it is exceptional. All 3 Series cars combine sport driving with comfort and luxury.

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Test Drives2017 BMW 330e: Boosting a Stalwart
The BMW 3 Series is an industry stalwart if there was ever one. Every kid and his grandmother are, at the minimum, aware of the car’s existence. The 3 Series is the reference on what a compact luxury sedan should be and as a result, most other manufacturers use the …
Test Drives2016 BMW 340i xDrive: Closing The Gap
Effortless performance seems to be the new mantra of luxury sedan builders regardless of what nation they hail from. There are as many ways to get from A to B in under five seconds as there are badges on the hood, but the miracle of modern technology has largely democratized …
First Drives2016 BMW 340i: Getting Back Its Mojo
When BMW’s 3 Series got its sixth-generation makeover in 2012, the car got a little bit bigger, received some new technology, and in the interest of increased comfort, it got a plusher ride. Most drivers probably welcomed the additional coddling offered by the softer suspension and steering in the non-M …
Spotlight onThe New BMW 3 Series And X1: We're Driving Them This Week
This week we're in Mexico's Copper Canyon to drive two new BMWs. The first, the 2016 BMW 340i, receives a mid-generation upgrade. The exterior has been lightly revised with new LED headlights and bumpers, the interior has been refreshed, the suspension reworked, and there's a new engine. The 320-horsepower, 3.0L …
BlogWhich Car Do You Want For Christmas?
Car enthusiasts don’t want toys. Sure, they may look happy unwrapping a snowbrush or a Mopar clock, but what they really want is an actual car. Fortunately, tastes differ widely, so loved ones have a lot of latitude when choosing the ideal gift. During a meeting of utmost importance held …
Test Drives2015 BMW M3: Adventures In 21st Century Driving
More and more often, sports cars are finding themselves on one side or the other of an increasingly well-defined line in the sand: those vehicles that strive to connect the driver as directly as possible to the road sitting under the rubber, and those that leverage technology to deliver mind-blowing …


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NewsThe 2019 BMW 3 Series… Dressed in Camouflage
Once again, BMW is launching a new or redesigned by first showing it off wrapped in camouflage. The 2019 3 Series Sedan shown here seems to be just about ready for prime time with an overall shape that resembles both the current-generation car and the 5 Series . The 3 …
NewsBMW M3 30 Jahre Edition: Birthday of a Legend
In 1986, BMW wanted to dominate on the racetrack. To do this, they worked on developing a faster, nimbler version of their 3 Series. Since various series, like Touring Cars Group A, ruled that every manufacturer racing had to create a number of road-going cars, the Bavarian manufacturer created the …
News2016 World Car Of The Year Finalists Announced
Every year, the World Car of the Year Awards program recognizes the best new vehicles on the planet automakers have to offer. A panel composed of 73 automotive journalists from around the world – two from Canada, including yours truly – submitted their votes electronically last week. The finalists in …
NewsMore Performance For BMW's M3 And M4
For some people, too much is not enough: when they get in a BMW M3/M4, they quickly get tired of its 425 horsepower and will complaint about the suspensions being too mushy. Just for them, BMW decided to offer a Competition Package for the sportiest of its 3 and 4 …
Technology/Autonomous VehiclesWardsAuto Announce 10 Best Engines Of 2016
Each year, WardsAuto compiles its list of 10 significant engines; the 2016 selection has just been unveiled. To be part of the candidates, there were a few criteria: the engine had to be new or significantly improved for 2016 OR have received a nomination from WardsAuto last year. The vehicle …
NewsBMW M Performance Edition Cars Launched in Canada
German manufacturer BMW will be offering a limited run of M235i, 335i and 435i M Performance Edition cars for the Canadian market. M Performance, by the way, is a roundup of performance and appearance components customers can add to their cars and trucks, inspired by BMW’s M division. These three …
NewsLimited run of BMW Performance Edition cars set for Canada
BMW has announced a limited production run of M235i, 335i, and 435i M Performance Edition vehicles that will be made available in Canada "due to overwhelming demand." A total of 450 cars will be available in Canada—50 M235i coupes, 200 335i sedans and 200 435i coupes—and will decked out with …
NewsBMW Modernizes Its 3 Series
BMW’s most recent 3 Series (codename F30) has been on the market since 2011. In automotive years, this is an eternity, so the manufacturer decided to modernize its best-selling model. Visually, you have to look pretty closely to see the upgrades. The lower bumper’s intakes are larger and wider, the …


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Motoring TV
Bienvenido a Mexico!
BMW is coming home, sort of. BMW announced it is going to build the next generation 3-series cars in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
BMW M3: From E30 to E92
The BMW M3 has been one of the world's most desirable cars for over 25 years. We take a look at its origin and its most extreme version to date.