Hyundai Developing World’s First Rollable Vehicle Display

Hyundai’s future vehicles could get rid of fixed displays and instead feature a new type of rollable screen.

Mobis, a division of the Korean automaker specialized in all kinds of technology and mobility solutions, recently unveiled what it calls the world’s first rollable display for automotive applications. The idea is to improve not only interior car design and space, but also the user experience.

How does it work? Well, the screen remains completely out of sight when the vehicle is turned off. It rolls up to a third of its size at start-up to display only the minimum driving information required and ensure maximum visibility for the driver.

The display can then be scaled up to two-thirds when using navigation. Finally, it can be switched to full-screen mode with a 16:9 aspect ratio to watch videos while the vehicle is parked or when charging an EV.

Where specs are concerned, the rollable display comes in either QHD resolution or higher. The company says that it can make super-sized displays of 30 inches or more. What’s more, the display’s lightweight and compact structure only requires 12 cm of depth on the dashboard.

What happens if there’s a bug and the display won’t roll up when starting the vehicle, making driving information impossible to access? At that point it’s not just an electronic issue, but also a safety issue.

As we wait for answers, you should know that Hyundai plans to introduce the rollable display in select vehicles (including its Genesis luxury models) with a primary focus on the North American and European markets. No timetable has been given, but it likely won’t be before a few years.  

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