Watch: Toyota Camry Rolls Over Inside a Car Wash

When was the last time you heard about a car crashing and flipping over at a car wash? Likely never. Of course, there’s a first time for everything. A 77-year-old driver in Colmar, Pennsylvania learned that the hard way in what is already one of the top automotive fails of 2023.

Police told 6abc Action News that the man was attempting to pay when he accidentally hit the throttle. His Toyota Camry had been left in Drive and frantically sprinted into the car wash.  

The driver was unable to regain control of the car before it hit a structure and rolled over, as you can see in the surveillance video shown below, which is now going viral:

This incident could have had deadly consequences since the driver’s door was still open. The man suffered a broken leg and remained stuck for 90 minutes while rescue workers arrived and chopped off the Camry’s roof to pull him out of there.

The car wash owner told local media that he’s relieved nobody got seriously injured. One customer said he couldn’t imagine the process of having a car turn over inside a car wash. Honestly, we didn’t think it was possible, either.

The reason why we’re reporting about this story is because we want it to serve as a lesson: make sure to always put your vehicle in Park whenever you stop to do something else, like paying at a terminal, picking up food at a drive-through, checking into your glove box, etc.

We’re not even through the first 10 days of January and it’s the second bizarre accident that has occurred in the U.S. Just after New Year’s Eve, a family of four miraculously survived a 250-foot fall near Devil's Slide in California. It was later found that the driver intentionally threw his Tesla into the cliff and is expected to be charged for attempted murder.

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