The Technical Advisor, Your Dealer's Key Resource

The dealership where you bought your used vehicle is in a very good position to guide you in terms of maintenance and repair, because they already know its history and weaknesses. Hence, the person who has the most important role over there is most probably the technical advisor.

This experienced resource knows a lot about automobiles and can act as an intermediary between you and the technicians. His or her expertise must also be matched with good communications skills, so you understand what’s going on with your vehicle and why the repairs suggested should be done. This is a key element in a trust relation between the dealer and the customer.

You don’t know what causes a strange noise or warning light to switch on in your dashboard? The technical advisor is the person you will describe the problem to. And if you have questions, vague or precise, about how certain systems work, the technical advisor will find a way to answer them.

His or her role is also to give you maintenance tips and recommendations, and to tell you about the risks of not following the maintenance schedule established by the manufacturer, which can include accelerated wear, additional component failures, compromised safety, breakdowns, etc. 

The technical advisor will also try to help you prioritise the work needed according to your budget (but don’t forget that selling products and services is part of the job). Again, the trust you have in your dealer is important. No one likes to feel like they’ve been ripped off and wasted their money.

Lastly, a good technical advisor will follow up with his or her customers and will send them a reminder if necessary. This is another sign of high-quality service and one more reason to go back to the same dealership next time your vehicle needs maintenance.

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