Quebec Family Throws 1992 Honda Accord Owner a Surprise Party

Quebec resident Tommaso Bevilacqua got a nice surprise last Saturday when his family got together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his prized 1992 Honda Accord EX-R.

Celebrating a car's birthday isn’t a common thing, but it was important for Bevilacqua's family, who know how proud he is of his Accord. "It was a total surprise! He had no idea and he was really happy," Giuliana Bevilacqua, Tommaso's granddaughter, told The Car Guide.

Photo: Courtoisie Giuliana Bevilacqua

About 40 people gathered to celebrate the event, where Mr. Bevilacqua was greeted by his completely repainted Accord, thanks to a local body shop. Honda Canada president Jean-Marc Leclerc also wrote a personalized letter to the owner.

Purchased in Montreal in April 1993, Tommaso Bevilacqua's Honda Accord has never changed owners since it left the dealership. "He talks about it constantly! It's his most prized possession," says his granddaughter, who points out that the white Accord now has more than 250,000 kilometres on the odometer. 

Photo: Courtoisie Giuliana Bevilacqua

The team at The Car Guide would like to congratulate Tommaso Bevilacqua for the meticulous maintenance he's done on his Honda Accord over the years. It just goes to show that vehicles can be very loyal when you take care of them!

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