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How to Increase Your Trade-In Value?

As you may have noticed, pre-owned vehicles have gained a lot of value since brand new ones have become rare due to the pandemic. For those who are looking to sell their old ride, this is great news!

If that’s your case, you’ll still want to make sure you get the best possible price for it. First and foremost, it’s in your interest to use different online tools to figure out your vehicle’s value and work out an average for the similar models you’ll find. Then, you should ideally visit a few dealerships and see what they offer.

However, before doing so, there are ways to stack the odds in your favour by increasing your trade-in vehicle’s value.

Time is Your Enemy

To begin with, remember that as time passes, your vehicle loses value. If you consider replacing it, you should proceed sooner than later. Otherwise, you’ll likely have to settle for less money.  

Important Documents

Next, it will be easier to get a good exchange value if you have all the documentation to prove the maintenance and repairs performed on your vehicle. The dealer can always look at the Carfax report, but the fact that you are being transparent will play in your favour.

Cleaner is Better

Before going to a dealer to have your vehicle appraised, make sure you clean it inside and out. This includes washing and polishing, paint touch-ups, stain-free mats and seats, no personal objects inside the cabin, etc.  


This brings us to our next point: you’ll get more for your trade-in vehicle if it’s in turnkey condition, which means recent maintenance has been done, including an oil change; the right tires for the season are installed; and the headlights and wipers are operating properly. Also, if you have an inspection report that confirms all other systems work, show it!

The Little Extras

Last but not least, try to think of all the added value items you could include to get even more money. If you have a spare set of wheels and tires, all-season mats or a roof rack, add them to the deal! These elements can make your vehicle stand out from other similar ones.

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