New Cars and Trucks with the Highest Residual Value in 2022

ALG, a division of J.D. Power which specializes in forecasting future vehicle values, recently announced the winners of its 2022 Canadian Residual Value Awards, recognizing the vehicles that are projected to hold the highest percentage of their original MSRP after a four-year period for mass-market models and after a three-year period for luxury models.

As we all know, a vehicle’s residual value is always something to consider at the time of purchase, because that’s how you can determine its actual cost. Depreciation is the single costliest aspect of car ownership, remember.

Numerous variables affect the actual residual value of a vehicle over time. Examples include mileage, quality/reliability, options and feature sets and macroeconomic environment. 

The award process consists of evaluating 274 model lines through analysis of used-vehicle performance, brand outlook and product competitiveness. To account for differences across trim levels, model averages are weighted based on percentage share relative to the entire model line.

Photo: Toyota

Similar to last year, Toyota (mass market) and Lexus (luxury) won awards for top brands in their respective segments. Below is the complete list of ALG’s 2022 Canadian Residual Value Awards:

You can compare the 2022 ALG winners with last year’s recipients.

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