Another Ontario Driver Busted With Fake Plates

Driving around with fake or modified plates is becoming a common occurrence on our roads. Earlier this week a London, Ontario driver LPS Traffic Management Unit (TMU) because he was driving with an altered licence plate.

The vehicle was spotted in the Hamilton Road and Adelaide Street area. After concluding that there was something quite odd with the licence plates it carried, the officers attempted to stop the vehicle in order to proceed with the usual checks.

However, the driver refused to stop and took off. A tire deflation device (spike belt) had to be used by another unit further down the road in order to put an end to what was described as a quick chase on a short distance.

After the driver got out of his car and attempted to flee on foot, the agents were able to arrest him.

It turns out the vehicle had been reported stolen on December 27, 2021. In addition, the fleeing driver was prohibited and his licence was suspended.

According to the images provided, it seems the driver tried to alter a zero to make it look like an 8. This is much less imaginative and subtler than the previously reported cardboard plate crafted by another Ontario driver earlier this year. But the charges remain the same.

The list of charges related to this event is long. Fail to stop for police, operation of a vehicle while prohibited, dangerous operation of a conveyance, resisting arrest, possession of property obtained by crime over $5000, driving while under suspension, use of a plate not authorized for vehicle and use of an altered plate.

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