Bug Throws Older Honda and Acura Models Back to 2002

The infamous Y2K bug certainly caused more fear than harm back in the day. And this technicality is all but a distant memory today. Well, almost.

2004 to 2018 Honda and Acura vehicles are now experiencing a curious problem: their central screen doesn't seem to have appreciated the transition to 2022 and now permanently displays the date of January 1, 2002, permanently!

The vehicles in question are all equipped with a navigation system and the latter still works fine, according to members of the Ridgeline Owner's Club, CR-V Owner's Club and Reddit forums.

The glitch has been observed in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. Note that devices using Microsoft Exchange software have also been affected by this computer bug, apparently due to a coding problem.

Photo: www.ridgelineownersclub.com

Changing the date manually in the system does not solve the problem, according to reports.

Honda USA told Jalopnik that an investigation is underway to solve this mysterious condition, but without giving further details.

A CR-V owner also contacted the automaker, and was reportedly told that the date will remain frozen until August 2022. At that point, it should automatically revert to the correct date.

Another owner was told that Honda is currently working on a solution to fix the GPS software.

It's a very strange situation indeed. But there are much worse electronic problems happening right now in the industry. Honda and Acura vehicles are still more reliable than the average in this regard.

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